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Daily sentence:Strong convictions precede great actions.


In order to adapt to the era of globalization and international communication, Language Training Center, established on February 1st 2005, aims to enhance students’ foreign

language abilities and cultivate professionals in various language fields.


A.    Providing language test information and counseling for students to participate in a variety of foreign language tests

B.     Holding language proficiency tests and learning activities

C.     Scheduling foreign teachers and language TA to tutor students

D.    Arranging various language training courses

E.     Cooperating with Ministry of Education and other schools to undertake language related allied activities

Teaching Resources

The Center is equipped with three audio-visual rooms and one conversation room--“Let’s Talk Café”. Moreover, there are various language learning and test materials, audio-visual

materials of foreign languages and online English learning and test software for students to practice individually or study under the instructions of the faculty. 

All these technological and professional facilities aim to provide a learner-centered environment for students to enhance their foreign language abilities.

Future Vision

Since foreign language proficiency is prerequisite for graduates in their professional careers, in addition to holding language trainings and analog tests regularly, the Center will hold a

variety of lectures and contests to strengthen students’ learning motivations and language abilities via multiple ways.

The facilities and teaching materials will be continuously increased in the future.

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